March 31, 2010

Mediumship class today was like a page out of the World Wrestling Federation. Heather and I did tag team mediumship.

Unlike Marilyn’s other classes, this one seems to keep changing and growing. Normally, she starts a group, and they stay together for a while, growing at the same rate. The group that meets at the studio keeps changing. People come. People drop out. New people come. It is constantly changing, so she is changing lesson plan for Heather and I to make it harder for us.

She has been doing this to me for a while telling me that I can come up with five minutes of really great information in 45 minutes. So when it has been my turn, she usually tells me I have only 10 minutes to get the information. (Now I know why John Edward talks so fast. And he claims it is because he comes from New York.)

With three students in the class besides us, and one of them being new, Heather and I were told to stand. Marilyn told us that we would (as a team) be doing three readings, one for each of the other students there. Ooookay. The only time I have done team mediumship was at the seminar in January.

Heather tuned into the first spirit, but was hesitant to say anything because she felt it was the father of the person she brought with her. I immediately saw an older man in a living room or den. Heather started speaking and talking about the person knowing it was her friend’s father. I started describing him. When Marilyn asked which student the spirit was here for, I told her that I was definitely with Heather’s friend. Just as when I had done this back in January, I knew who I was with.

I was able to describe him doing some type of writing at a desk. He was using a pencil. We described quite a few things. Heather was hesitant because she knew her friend’s father. I was hesitant as I am always unsure and concerned that I have it wrong.

After the reading, she told us that we nailed it. The part about him writing in pencil was important. Her father used to do the newspaper crossword every day, at his desk, in pencil.

Next we moved on to the next spirit. Again, I was absolutely sure who I was with. We described a person that the student knew in high school. This person died in a car crash at an intersection. She was alive after the crash, but died later. Now, we figured that this person passed several years after high school, but the person we were reading for did not know about the passing. The problem was that no matter how much information we gave her, she could not identify the person. So, eventually, we moved on to the last person.

I again saw an image immediately. Once I described him, the student knew who it was immediately. We gave a lot more information with her nodding and going “yes, yes”. This person that came through was a jokester. Finally we passed on the message which simply was “April Fools”.

After Heather and I had finished our ‘display’, the other students did readings. It was all real good. The class was entertaining and exciting.