May 16, 2010

Yesterday, I talked about scientists being persecuted because of their suggestions to alternate theories of evolution. Today I want to look at the theories involved, and trust me, I’m not picking sides just explaining and offering questions.

Darwinism (which is a word created to cover Charles Darwin’s theories) explains that we evolved through a process of natural selection, the strong surviving over the week. The strong genes would survive over the weaker ones, the stronger species over the weaker species. (Back in World War 2, Hitler tried to push Darwinism and ‘improving’ the species by getting rid of the Jews. We all know how that worked out.)

Intelligent Design says that we could just not have happened randomly, something created us. It feels that there were too many random things happening for creatures to just pop up out of the primordial ooze.

There have been many theories about creation and the birth of man for ages, some as simple as “God snapped his fingers and it was done” to the Big Bang Theory (and I’m not talking about the TV show). Science tries to take away the mysticism and explain things in a sequence giving proof of each step along the way.

But science can’t answer all the questions, and they may never be able to because no one was there at creation to witness events. So all they can do is look at what we are now, study other species, and postulate what may have been. It’s when these theories become accepted fact that we run into trouble, but I talked enough about that yesterday.

But when we talk about creation, science misses a few key elements, and that is because we truly don’t know. We don’t know what sparked the change that created the first cell.

At one point scientists basing their thoughts on formulated theories created their own primordial ooze out of the chemicals that they believed were around back then. Since one theory is that maybe lightning (or something) hit the ooze and that reaction caused the first cell, these scientists sent electricity through the ooze. Nothing happened. For years scientists have been able to create DNA and manipulate it. But they are missing one element that makes it live. No matter what they do to it, it will not get up out of the test tube and talk with them.

For ages, scientists have been searching for the God Particle, the missing piece that brings things to life. This could also be looked at as the missing link which was commonly used to tell how man evolved. Now I am still not saying that this missing piece is God (God, Goddess, deity of your choice). I’m simply saying that we don’t know. That link could have been a lot of things, and what we think of as God could have been an astronaut with advanced technology (as theorized by Erik Von Danikin in his book “Chariots of the Gods” some 30-odd years ago.

Again, and sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Imagine what they would think if I showed someone from the middle ages how I could pull up information on my Droid or iPhone. What we can do today technologically would be magic to people a century ago. How do we know that visitors from space did not create our species?

A movie called “Hanger 18” gave a similar look on things as astronauts investigated a UFO captured decades ago. Our technology finally allowed us access to the computers on board. Part of the information was that aliens mated with apes thus creating a mutated species called man. These aliens were the missing link. Now, although that is fiction, why couldn’t that be the explanation?

When you look at the creation of the human cell, you have to wonder how did it all happen. Scientists state that there had to be about 250-odd elements to come together in a specific sequence to create that first cell. That cell would then give birth to others, and because of the mixing with other elements and mutations, different species would evolve. But the odds of that happening are in the trillions of trillions. It almost shouts that something else had to be at work.

Now Intelligent Design is not Creationism which simply states that God created everything. Creationism is the mystical approach for defining what we don’t know. Intelligent Design does allow for other possibilities, and those possibilities may sound like science fiction, but at this point, not knowing the truth, anything could be the cause.

But the fight has turned ugly. Scientists have attacked religion stating that God does not exist. Some scientists are atheists. And if you follow science to the letter, there can not be a God. Yet not all scientists are atheists. So while following theories that God does not exist, they believe in a higher power.

I read a theory in a book called “An Ascension Theory” that stated that we as spiritual beings living with The Source (of all things) created the universe to see what it would be like to exist away from The Source. Now is that any crazier than “God swooped down…”? Is it any crazier than this planet being seeded by aliens?

I worked with someone that had gone to college and went into a science based program. When she was told that there is no God in science, she changed programs.

As much as some of these prominent scientists claim that there is no God, they can not explain what the key particle was that started life on this planet. Several of them suggested that we are truly a product of aliens messing around here. One actually admitted that to take that a step farther and said that somewhere along the line, something had to create the aliens, but did not want to make suggestions. Wow, it really sounds like this scientist believes in Intelligent Design but does not want to admit it.

I guess that when I look at it, there had to be something to start the ball rolling. Now once that something happened, Darwin’s theories could be correct, at least from that point forward. But what made the initial spark? If Intelligent Decision is true, when did this decision come about? Did it start the first cell? Did it come along at some point and give us nudges in the right directions? Did it mate with the apes to create a new species?

When one studies the human body in anatomy classes (such as the ones taken by doctors and massage therapists), one has to wonder. We see pieces of this and that moving from place to place picking up things and passing them to other areas. And these pieces only go to certain places and do certain things. Through all this, we are kept alive and homeostasis is maintained (at least until we do something to upset it).

But looking at it from a technical angle, the body is one big computer. Just as a computer senses things and makes internal decisions based on input sending out electrical impulses to make changes, our bodies do the same thing. But instead of circuitry and wiring, it is all chemical. Seeing that makes me wonder how it could have come about randomly.

When you look at the environment of our planet (at least until we really started screwing things up) there was balance. Plants grew, got eaten, species grew, got eaten. The harmony and balance of things to keep the environment going is just phenomenal. Of course, the environment is out of balance because of what man has done to it.

But when you look at all things, it is truly hard to believe that it all happened randomly. One has to think there was some kind of intelligence behind it, not matter what you think that intelligence to be.

Enough thought provoking stuff today. It is time to put your thoughts together and come up with what you believe.

Part three tomorrow.