October 28, 2010

MacGyver lives. Ok, this one’s just for a laugh.

We bought a pumpkin a couple weeks ago, and it was not where we usually would get one, nor as good. In the past, we would get a fair sized pumpkin and simply put it out in the alcove outside our front door. We wouldn’t carve it, just let it sit. And it would stay there for Halloween. And then not too long after that, it would go from being the Halloween pumpkin to being the Thanksgiving pumpkin. Shortly afterward, it would be (shade of Charlie Brown) the Christmas pumpkin (yet, I have never gotten out there to put a Santa hat on one). Then it becomes the New Year’s pumpkin. I keep hoping to have one be the Easter pumpkin, but they usually rot a few weeks before the holiday.

At any rate, I digress. The pumpkin we got was not what we usually get as it came from a grocery store, but it was cheap and quick. The other night, my wife noticed that it had a bad spot already (well that means it won’t even last until Thanksgiving). When I poked at it, the spot went in, so I had to doctor it rather quick (hmm, Reiki?).

When all else fails, I fall back to my all time hero, MacGyver. Yup, you guessed it. I tore of a strip of regular old duct tape and bandaged it. And it’s never been happier. Now, what should I do with the Swiss army knife?