April 27, 2011

We had a moment in our mediumship class today that was funny.

I had brought in someone from the outside to be our victim, er, client that we could all give readings to. My teacher was trying to show her how mediums work and how they receive messages from spirit.

Some spirits give lots of information, some don’t. She had me play ‘medium’ while she did a couple things around me that I was able to tell my ‘client’ what I was seeing from spirit. This was a demonstration of a spirit not giving much information.

Next, she showed how a spirit with lots of information to give helps a medium. My teacher came up and stood in front of me. I passed on that I had a female of a certain height that has come to talk with my client today. She then whispered in my ear, to which I passed on that information. Next she held up a piece of paper (which I had to put my glasses on to read) with two circles on it. In one circle it said ‘son’ and the other it said ‘daughter’. I started talking about children and that my client had these children. My teacher than told me no. She said I interpreted it wrong. She assumed I would know what she meant by the drawing. I did not.

My comment was classic. In my best Doctor McCoy voice… Blast it! I’m a medium not a mind reader.