June 22, 2011

I worked on someone today where I was completely clueless, and was just hoping for something to show a small bit of progress.

My client was a 23 year old female who suffers really badly from Fibromyalgia. When she had originally called, she was asking about Reiki. I told her about MFR which has good results with Fibromyalgia, and that I could do either. After about a week or so, she called back and scheduled a session for MFR.

Now, I have done MFR before with some pretty debilitating chronic issues, and have been pretty successful with Fibromyalgia. The one time I used it on a friend that had it really bad (it hurt to be covered by a sheet when it flared up), she was without pain for several days (a first for her).

My client that I saw today is always in constant pain. (When I do Trigger Point therapy, I look for a spot and press on it which causes pain. I am usually looking for a pain level of 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. As Trigger Point progresses, the pain eases away. My client’s pain level all the time is a constant 5.) In fact, she has been going through treatment at the Mayo Clinic here to try to balance hormones, work on her immunity, and tons of other medical stuff.

I worked MFR in everywhere I could. I did scar release on the scars she had. I basically moved around to her problem areas to try to show some effect on something. There were areas that hurt too much to work. There were places where she was responding a lot.

I have never seen anyone this bad. When all was said and done, she told me that she felt this was the way to go. I told her and her mother (who accompanied her) that she might feel better or worse in the next couple of days. And I told her to see how she felt and let me know when she felt she needed to come in again.

All I can do now is cross my fingers.