June 28, 2011

I worked on a lady today with the help of my mediumship teacher, and oh what a wild ride that was.

A lady walked into my shop yesterday and asked what I do. I explained about massage styles and Reiki. She then asked if I did Tarot readings. I told her no, and gave her Marilyn’s card as I figured she wanted a reading.

An hour later, I got a call form Marilyn asking why I sent her someone that was suicidal. Now, she seemed worried, but not suicidal. And while she had not told me that, she had admitted it to Marilyn.

Marilyn had talked her down a bit, and told her that she would talk to her that night. She was suggesting to the lady that she come in here and get a reading and maybe some Reiki.

After not hearing from her, Marilyn called this morning and actually did get to talk to her. Apparently the lady had taken some pills last night but not enough to kill her. She did agree to come in. Once here, she started crying and shaking immediately. We put her on the table and I started working on her.

I immediately pulled out the rose quartz pyramid and put it under the table (rose quartz is a calming stone). I looked around the room and found which other rocks wanted to ‘play’. I pulled one that came form Sedona, a couple healing stones form Maine that Kay had given me years ago, an amethyst, and an angelite.

I basically picked where I wanted to work, and where I felt I needed to be, places like the head, the emotional chakra, the thought chakra, the heart (the balance chakra). After about 30 - 45 minutes she started to calm down. After an hour, she was relaxed.

I left the room and let Marilyn do a reading to try to give her some information. She was also guided to point out things from people that have found loved ones that had committed suicide and how those memories have stayed with them forever.

When she left, she was calm, and for the moment in control. We didn’t feel the need to call the police and tell them there was someone that was a danger to themselves. But I do have her address, phone number, and license plate number if we feel we need to.

I’m hoping that for right now, she is stable and stays that way.