March 20, 2011

Can we interject some amount of common sense now? Does every stupid thing people do need to be regulated by the government?

There was a video a while ago of a lady walking through a mall while talking on her cell phone. She was so engrossed in the conversation that she did not notice the fountain ahead of her. Yes, the fountain that was making a lot of noise from gushing water. The fountain that had an 18 inch high and at least a foot wide barrier (block railing) in front of it. Yes, that fountain.

At any rate, she did not notice it. She walked right up to the barrier, tripped over it and fell into the water.

Now, admittedly, we spend way too much time on our cell phones, and when we do, we tend to lose focus of things around us. This is especially true if we are holding the phone to our ear instead of using an earpiece. This seems to be more true for cell phones than any other ‘toy’ we have. It seems that the conversation is more important that anything else going on around us. (Similar to the lady who was driving into rain while talking on her phone. She did not have a free hand to turn on the wipers.)

But because of things like this, it has been mentioned that the government is talking about laws to make it illegal to walk and talk on your cell phone. It seems we can not walk and talk on the phone at the same time. (I wonder how many can walk and chew gum at the same time.)

Now, aren’t we getting a little ridiculous? First they want to stop use of the phone in the car. I can understand this if one is not using a headset as it is truly dangerous. But now we’re being told we can’t walk and be on the phone at the same time? Are they going to have a referee come up, blow a whistle and yell “traveling”?

To these people that can’t seem to pay attention while talking on the phone, I say, “Wake the hell up and pay attention to what’s around you. Nothing is more important than that.” But to these legislators, I want to know what parts of our personal lives do they next want to control? Maybe there’s some issue with using the bathroom more than five times a day. Hey, let’s regulate that now.

Come on people! Wake up! How about interjecting some sense before it is too late!