May 6, 2011

Move Like Water

A friend pointed me to an article written by a Reiki master that quoted this line. I remember the line from an old science fiction TV show where one person was trying to ready another for a fight. But the line originally, "Be Like Water" came from actor and famed martial artist Bruce Lee.

Lee was talking about doing martial arts with such a flow that it resembled the smoothness of water. But the comparison does not stop there.

The first thing to ask is.... What does water do? Water is a substance that bends, moves, works around things. It is very strong (look at how it erodes land and smoothes rocks). But, while it moves around denser objects, it never goes away. If you move your hand through water, you can move unimpeded as water moves around to make way for you. But when you take your hand out of the water, your hand is wet. The water may give way, but it does not go away.

As the article mentioned, when we learn something, we learn basics, a routine, by rote if you will. For example, massage therapists may be jerky at first. After time, and practice (lots of practice), routine turns into skill, then (hopefully) into intuition. That is the point that it becomes flow. That is the point that one becomes like water.

This is the case for healers of all types. Massage therapists blend their motions until it is just one motion. Lightworkers (energy workers) open to their intuition to where they are listening to the energies of the person they are working on, and adjusting what they do to meet the needs. It is a point where healers of all types become one with the person they are working on. It is where they feel themselves and their motions combine with their subject's to create a dance of energy, of healing, of flow. It is a symbiotic relationship of balance, of giving and taking, of matching and meeting needs. And when it is done, the healer has made their subject feel better.

Flow is also about our approach to life. Do we go charging through life, bashing things out of our way as we go? Do you walk through the mall that way? Or do we move around objects, blend with them in this short dance and then separate? Do we charge, or do we flow?

Think about that the next time you are out. And as you do, move like water.