October 4, 2011

I do a regular trade with an acupuncturist. On me, she will do needles, or Reiki, or massage. On her, I will do massage or Reiki, or any number of energy modalities. Today, she asked for a reading. Uhhhh…

Usually any of the things I do on her are easy enough to do, even the major chakra cleansings. But a reading? This of course comes back to my lack of confidence in this. She told me that if I didn’t want to, I could do something else, but after I opened up for a second, there was someone there for her.

I ended up with the same person I had gotten at another time, someone she used to work for. And it was real easy for her to identify this person again even though I felt I was not giving enough information to validate who it was. But I did get a couple key phrases that made her positive.

So I went to the message. And this message went on and on. I kept getting visions or hearing words that told me what to keep talking on.

After I had passed on all the information, I knew she was not happy with what she had heard, but she knew it was what she needed to hear.

I used to remember when getting the message in a reading was the thing I feared most as I usually could not come up with something. Now, that seems to come easier than the validations. One day, I hope it balances out.