September 14, 2011

I had a visit from the lady that Marilyn and I counseled not too long ago... the one that had been suicidal.

She came in asking for a Reiki session, but as we started talking, she said that what she really needed was a reading. Well, we know how readings and I go. I do ok most of the time in class, but just don’t have the confidence to take one on, on my own. So, I told her that she really needed to talk with Marilyn and gave her the number.

But as we talked, I had the feeling that I better not just push her out the door, so I took her into the back room and talked with her for a bit. And although I was not looking to do a specific mediumship reading, I was able to pass on advice that was given to me.

I had a fair idea of her situation. As words came to me, I was pointed to certain trains of thought so I could pass on the message and relay it in ways of my own experiences. I told her of the strength she had, but was not fully aware of. I made her see that her choices of situations left her sad. But I also made her see which one was the better for her as I was led to do.

When she left, I believe she felt better. I know that she called Marilyn who was going to get back to her to give her the ‘reading’ (I say it like that because she gave her a mostly psychic reading and not the normal type of mediumship work she usually does). I don’t know the outcome, but I expect I will in a couple weeks when Marilyn comes up this way for class.