August 2, 2012

Growth. How long does it take to grow? How far can we grow. I don’t know, but looking back over the last 12 years has been an eye opener.

Over the last month, I have been working on this website, I have lost a lot of sleep, but gained a lot of other things. In transferring the 750+ journal entries to the new format, I ended up reading a few here and there, and I am amazed at how much things have changed, and what I have learned.

For instance, I learned that 2003 was a sucky year. We lost my Reiki teacher, Kay, the only friend that stayed with me out of high school, Jan, and my 21 year old cat, Mandy. As I transferred the files, I ended up reading what I had written nine years ago, and got caught up in the emotion of the time.

That same year, I came across an entry that showed an email that someone had sent me. They told me that they had read my journal from the beginning (a bit easier in those days with only three years of entries). She commented on how much I had grown in that time, and suggested that I do the same thing and read what I had written.

Looking at some entries here and there, I have to agree with her. Going from there, and looking at some of the things in the nine years since, my head spins. I see that I was seeing and hearing spirits as far back as 2002, at least that I have written about. I have had the ability, but no training, and did not realizing that I was a medium at that time.

I saw points where my abilities with energy and healing have grown at an amazing rate. There are places where I have grieved for lost friends, family, pets, places, jobs, other things. Places where I have had to fill holes in my life that were suddenly there. There are countless people that I have helped either with massage, or energy, or counseling, or just listening and being there.

I see a huge growth as I learn new things, and change with the times and needs, as I went through bad times and good. It is real interesting to look at your life in print (even in this type of forum) and see change and growth in ability and attitude.

I wish everyone could see themselves like this from time to time. It is a chance to see where you come from and where you might be heading. I still don’t know where I am heading. One day, I might actually be there. I look forward to more growth and more interesting ‘adventures’.