August 4, 2012

Every now and then, I get someone that is comfortable with less draping and I can do a freeform massage. I really like the freeform massage sessions as I do not have to think. All I need to do is feel. It is at this point it moves from being a massage to being art.

Now, first off, there are no bad massage sessions, or none that I do. But there are good ones, and there are spectacular ones. It is when I can do freeform that what I do comes into the realm of spectacular. This is where I let go and let myself be totally guided by spirit. It is where I just start moving and have no plan. It is where the right moves come without thought, where they just fall into place. It is where this massage session becomes a work of art. (See Shall We Dance.)

I like these sessions because it is a freedom to just follow flow, to give someone exactly what they need, to just be a part of the energies of the dance. This is where it is truly art. No matter how many standard sessions I go through, I look forward to these because they are special. They are magic. And I like magic, and can appreciate the art.