August 11, 2012

Well, my Saturday plans changed today, but I’m certainly not disappointed.

My plans for the day involved putting down molding and finishing a laminate floor we put down last weekend. That is something I did not get to. Instead, I had to take the car out for tires and since I had gotten a phone call asking for a massage this morning, I decided I would do that since I was going to be out.

Well one massage turned into a massage and a Reiki session as I got another call. And then that turned into another massage when I got yet another call. So, rather than doing flooring work, my day was filled with work at the shop. But, that was not a bad thing.

The first person wanted a Temple Lomi Lomi massage, and it has been a while since I have done one of those. So I was pleased that I got to do one, and not as a give-away to keep in practice. The second wanted a Reiki session for her fiance. It was funny as he changed into pajama bottoms because he read that Reiki works better through cotton material. (There is so much crap out there and only half of it is true, if that much.)

The third wanted super relaxing, so I suggested a freeform massage. She decided that this would work for her, and wanted it for 90 minutes. When she came out after the session, she asked, “Where have you been all my life?”

So, while I didn’t get anything done on the floor at home, I got some awesome work done on three new clients whom I think will be back. They all left feeling so much better. And I did too because I got to do some specialty work that I really like and I was able to help people. And that is what it is all about.