December 21, 2012

Today was the day that all the new energies were to be available to us (not that some of them haven’t been available before now). And with the start of the day, I noticed... nothing.

Well, needless to say, I was a little disappointed. But then something unique happened.

I went into the studio, and I did my normal cleansing exercises, and I am specifically meaning the one where I cleanse myself with white light. As I was doing this, I noticed a lot of silver in the energies. It was mingling in with everything else, making itself very pronounced.

I started wondering if I was now seeing Lampfear energy as it is silver in color. (Lampfear is something I was taught about years ago in Kay’s psychic development classes. Apparently I was one of a group in another lifetime that was charged with using this energy and keeping it safe. I can remember being able to tap into it, but never used it an awful lot.)

But then I felt that this silver energy was something new. The way it moved and shaped itself was something entirely different. In a Reiki session later today, I noticed that it was there too. It mingled around the Reiki and me. In fact, it was really in my face.

I was told later that other energy workers had seen a platinum colored energy this morning as well. Platinum, silver, they both look the same to me. And I was told that platinum is just a higher grade of silver. So, ok.

At least I am pleased that I noticed. I was wondering if I would notice anything, or if I would be too closed off not to. Ok. I believe. (It has a nice feel to it too.)