January 1, 2012

It was the beginning of the new year. Unlike most New Year's days, I ended up doing something really meaningful, I did Reiki on Rilind.

Ericka had set up a Facebook page called Rilind Reborn (hopefully that link into Facebook works) so she could get some sponsorship to pay down the costs of bringing this dog back to full health. As part of that, she set up the photo shoot with Carmen (a student of mine and excellent photographer) at a local elementary school. She wanted me there to give the dog Reiki and to be in a couple of pictures. (The pictures here are from Carmen. Visit her website, Carmen Cay Photography. To go directly to her photo story on Rilind, go here.)

What I saw amazed me. This dog looked a lot different than the one I had seen at the vet's office less than a week ago. He was much more awake and alert and willing to move around. He was actually even half running which was the first time he'd done that since being rescued. It was very clear that this dog has the heart and will to get better.

Throughout the couple of hours I was there, I gave him Reiki on and off. He stayed with me while I gave it, and seemed to enjoy it. I even got more doggy kisses as I worked. He definitely remembered me from last week.

In this past week, he has gained almost 3 pounds, and has lost all the fleas that were all over him. His eyes are clearing up and he is learning manners. I watched him sit and wait for his food bowl to be put down before going over to eat.

He is still skin and bones, and has trouble balancing now and then, but he is doing so much better than last week it is not funny. He's reacting to the love and the care given him by Ericka and people in her foster group, and of course the Reiki.

It is just neat watching him progress. I hope that he will continue to do so, and of course, I will be there with energy work as he needs.

Rilind needs the support of anyone willing to help. If anyone does wish to contribute, you can contact Ericka through the Rilind Reborn Facebook page or PitSisters.org, the group that has rescued him. Or you can email Caring Palms and I will put you in contact with them.