January 7, 2012 (Afternoon Session)

The afternoon session and the seminar seem to be just as challenging yet more interesting.

For this part, we repaired off with another person. The idea was that we were supposed to each read for the other by bringing in spirit and speaking the first person as we did in the morning session. I was paired with Ricky, and she was assigned to go first. What we got was very, very interesting.

Now Ricky, like me, is very hard person to read for. She also has trouble recognizing people coming through. So, it just so happens that two like people got paired up.

As Ricky started reading, she was seeing an image of someone standing aside of me. This person was all light. She could not see the person's face because it was just bright light. Based on what she described and what she felt, she did not feel comfortable doing this in the first person. She felt that she was connected to as she described it using her background, a Holy Spirit. This could also be a term for some archetypal spirit. The messages they came were very interesting.

As she passed on the information I was told that this spirit was the one that orchestrated other spirits. He was the one that shows what guides I needed and when. He said had been given holy gifts from God when I was young. (I was told that to understand more about these gifts, I need to read Corinthians 13, 14, and 15 in the Bible.) I was also told that he is my creativity. He directs the orchestra and assigned guides. He says I have great potential. He's been leading me my whole life is like a lantern in the dark. He says that music connects me to him. (This makes sense, as I like many types of music, and can remember pieces of melodies from various things that I hear.)

He told me some things that they need to do more of which included meditating and getting out. Now I know I've been needing to meditate for a long time now, and I know I've been saying that I need to meditate for a long time now. Maybe this will be in the kick in the backside that gets me on my ass(?) doing it. I know that meditation is a big key to connecting spirit and to working with my inner self. Now spirit is telling me something that I have known for quite a while now. I guess it's time to stop putting it off.

I was also told that I need to get out into nature. I was told play golf. (The only other male student there was my friend John. He and I have been talking about playing golf for a long time now and just have not been able to get together and do it. He had a similar message in the reading that he got. So, spirit is trying to set up a golf match.) But yes, I know that I sit around too much and I need to get out and get moving which is something that will make me healthier. I guess it's nice to know the spirit is watching out for me.

Now again, this is not the intent of the class. This was not mediumship per se. At the same time it was a much-needed message. The whole time she was telling me this, she was afraid that she might be freaking me out based on who she was talking to. I kept telling her not to worry as while I was slightly freaked, I was able to handle it. It was definitely a positive experience.

For the second half of the session, I had to read for her. I open myself up, and looked for spirit. But I had no takers. Then, as I looked up I saw several people standing behind her all wearing robes with their faces covered. I knew at that point that I was also not going to be following the plans of the class.

I looked at the one person in front, and they walked around behind me, and I let their energies come into me. Just as before, I allowed them to speak through me and perform movements. He kept wanting to move my hands in some fashion, and as if in a myofascial unwinding session, I allowed the movement to happen. Through me, he explained that he was one of several, basically a group consciousness, or group entity. He told her that she could call him Daniel and that he was in a scented master. He told her that I would explain later about the Christina entity that my teacher Kay used to channel.

He talked about all, and one, and how they were the same, and how they were all connected. He kept drawing circles with my hands suggesting something that is never-ending. He kept relating everything and nothing. He told her to meditate, and connect to him. He said that he/we are there to guide her and that the connection would become easier in about 12 months. Then, when the message was complete he pulled his energies back and disappeared.

Again, this was not mediumship, but I at least was doing part of the assignment by letting spirit in enough to speak in first person. Unfortunately, it just wasn't a dead relative.

For the final session of the day, we got back into the original groups of three that we started with last night. Eamonn again came around and gave us a first name to connect to.

When I connected to this person, I saw a lot of outdoors scenes. I felt that this person really liked the outdoors, yet could not grow plants to save his life. I saw him wearing some type of sweater vest. The out-of-doors was his favorite place.

When I asked him how he passed, he showed me his lungs, and I felt that this meant lung cancer. For message, I got, "breathe in deeply the smell of the outdoors." I got no other information.

When we compared our results, we had similar results. Donna felt that his death was quick. Mei felt that it was issue with the lungs as I did.

As we went around the room, we listen to each group's descriptions of the person that they had and some of them were dead on, and many of them were way off. One group of three connected to three different people. As far as our group goes, the descriptions that we had were quite accurate.

One of the things that was apparent was that nobody in any of the groups got the correct causes of death. And unlike the first exercise, Eamonn did not tell us how these names were related, hoping that we would figure out the connection. Unfortunately, no one did.

The point that they all had related was that each of these people died tragically. They left people behind that were in pain. The person our group was told to connect to did love the outdoors. He loved them so much that he had a favorite place which is where he went and hung himself.

Eamonn felt that the failure came from everybody being tired after a long seminar. Or, it could have been that the spirit simply did not want this exercise to work out. At any rate, it was a learning experience.

As is usually the case when Eamonn teaches, this seminar taught us a tremendous amount and brought new ideas into our realm of thinking. I'm hoping I can use them in the future to do mediumship better.