July 20, 2012

On the evening of the third day of the seminar, we had student demonstrations of mediumship. This was something I had signed up for, even though I wasn't real confident about doing it. But, I figured I needed to get outside the box and was counting on spirit to be there.

We ended up getting in front of the class in groups with each person in that group giving a complete reading to whomever recognized the spirit. This is basically what is called platform mediumship where a medium will stand in front of a group and bring in the spirit and keep giving evidence until somebody recognizes it. (This is what John Edward does.)

The first group, was a group of four and Helen started off by giving the first reading. She had somebody and started giving information right away. (I get the feeling that what most of these people were doing, were prepping themselves by connecting to spirit and getting as much information as they could before they got up in front of the class. That way they could just start talking because they had a good deal of information right away.) She did very well and got the person that the spirit wanted to reach. Then the next three stumbled a bit, each needing Marilyn's prompting to get the information out properly.

I was in the next group which was a group of three with Lacey and Donna. We got up in front of the class and sat down in the chairs provided when Lacey looked at me and said "I've got nothing." I looked over to Donna and she told me that she had somebody but she didn't have it locked in and needed more time. She asked me if I had anybody. I replied that I did not but that is never stopped me before, and I stood up in front of the class.

I asked the class to wait a moment as I did my alignment, and as soon as I was done I saw an image of a young girl. I described her as about high school age or young high school age with long black hair and glasses with black frames that I would describe as something out of the 1960s. I also had the feeling that her clothing represented the same time, as it was a gray skirt with a long-sleeved button-down shirt. I was not sure whether the shirt was white or not. I was getting drawn to the 1960s as that was a time before girls could wear pants to school, when they had to wear dresses.

I also saw a bike and described it as one with a basket in front and a bracket over the rear wheel that one could strap books to. I also had the feeling that she rode this bike to school and back. Initially I had heard the name Annie, but that was not recognized by anybody. I was getting the strongest energy pull from both of the far sides of the room, but had not yet been able to nail this down to a single person. I gave a little bit more information than heard the name Bethann. That suddenly caught the attention of one of people in the back center of the room who said he thought he could recognize it and the name is Beth.

At that point, I was shot an image of an intersection near where I used to live when I was younger. At this intersection is a road to the school that at the time was the junior high school. I lived about a block and a half from there. Also in the back was a wooded area and I felt that this was important.

I asked the spirit about her death, and felt that she died from a sudden impact and made the assumption that she was hit by a car crossing the intersection. I was told by the person that recognized her that this is not correct, so I aligned myself again and asked for clarification. I saw an image of a hammer coming down and passed that along basically saying that her death was through blunt force trauma. I got the feeling that the woods were significant and felt that she was murdered in that wooded area.

It was then that I felt that I had given enough information and asked if anybody wanted any more. I was told no and to go ahead to the message. What came out immediately was, "Don't let life stop you short. Don't get so bogged down that you stop moving forward." At that point everybody thought it was a great message, but I knew there was more and asked them to wait. I immediately had an impression of what to talk about though not necessarily getting it word for word. I talked for a second about the big picture and how we are pushed into this channel or that channel. I told the person I was reading for that he needs to step back and take another look at the big picture and align himself with this path.

At that point, I was done and sat back down. My impression was one of awe. I went up with nothing, counted on spirit to be there and give me the information needed. I stayed out of my own way and gave a wonderful reading. This is the way it should work.

The next day I talked to the person I had been reading for and got a lot more background information. At the time this happened, this person had been in elementary school and knew the girl that had been killed. I believe that she had been in junior high school at the time. There were many bike paths through the wooded areas and the kids used these all the time safely. This girl had gone to a friend's house and took a different path home, though still being a regular path that the kids used to use all the time. She never came home. Her body was found in the woods two days later.

He said he did not know whether or not she had been raped, and I had wondered that the night before and was still inconclusive as she would not disclose this. I knew that there were two attackers, as I had seen them. But the case was never solved.

This was at a time when the children were naïve, and safe, and invulnerable. They biked through the paths in the woods and went wherever they wanted safely without harm. This event brought about a shocking reality that they were not safe and that there was a real world out there that could come and take them at any moment. It showed them that they could not trust so easily and that they had to constantly be on watch for trouble. It was truly a loss of innocence.

And one last thing, the person I was reading for, it was either his sister, or the spirit’s sister that was named Ann.

That reading was so right on so many levels.