July 27, 2012

Things started out as a simple meditation class. Then it got strange.

One of my clients needed some relaxation and decided that she wanted to take a meditation class. Things started out fine. I took her into a basic sanctuary meditation. This is where one creates a place to go to recharge and rejuvenate. They create a ‘sanctuary’ that they can go to when they are stressed.

She went through the meditation fine, but near the end, she started feeling a little depressed. Then a friend stepped in to help her, a dead friend. When she came out of the meditation, she was in tears. She told me that this friend died before they left the UK and came here. The idea was that he was supposed to come over after they had gotten here, but he never made it to that point.

As I listened, I started seeing an image. I started off with “Tall, thin guy? Short, light colored hair?” Yup. I had him.

I stood up and aligned myself. Then I started describing a car, and a house. I told her of the hill I saw overlooking a small town. This was all correct, for my client, not her friend. He was showing me the house she grew up in, and her mother’s car. The hill overlooked the town near her home where she grew up. He was showing me stuff from her past, not stuff about him.

Once I had figured this out, I asked him why he was showing me this. What I got back was part of the message for my client. It was to show her how far she had come from where she had started out. I talked for several more minutes, passing on the message as it came across.

Ok, wild. Not long after being to the seminar, and two days after doing an awesome reading in class, here spirit was coming through again. I’m just glad I can receive well enough to comfort the people I can.