July 30, 2012

Ok, just a few days after an important reading to comfort someone, here comes another.

Another client was in for something to calm her down. She was a mess. Her energy was jangling all over the place. I had her sit in the chair in the Zen room while she told me what was going on.

She had a best friend in St. Pete. This friend had even added an apartment onto her house for my client to come live if she wanted. My client had wanted to go down for a visit for a few days, but could not manage the time as she was finishing up the nursing program at a local college.

The friend had gone to Wisconsin to check on some apartments she owned when she had a heart attack and died. My client had called to talk with her when she got the news.

Since then she was beating herself up over things. She felt she should have visited, even though she really did not have the time. After doing a lot of listening, and calming, and fighting off a lot of emotions (it sucks to be an empath at times like this), I saw an image. I described someone with medium length brownish hair. It was her.

I was still fighting off emotions, so I was not as clear as I wanted to be. I got a few things that hit home, but she really did not want to give me a lot. But she did want to give a long message.

After that, and a Reiki session, my client was feeling a lot better, better enough that she felt she could handle things.

Ok, massage, meditation, and Reiki at the usual prices. Spirit visitations at no extra charge.