June 14, 2012

One of the things my mediumship teacher has been after us to do is to create an intention agreement with the spirit world. It is an important thing as it defines what one wants to be doing with their gifts, and what they need from spirit to do that.

It includes things like keeping any evil away. It defines what one wants to be doing whether they be readings, spirit guided healing (which is what I do), or whatever else. One of the keys is what type of things do I want to do and how deep do I want to do them. I decided that when I do readings, I want to do readings that are life changing, not the “will I marry my boyfriend” type of readings. I want to be able to have an income from the work I do to justify my doing it. (One of the things I keep getting told is that I am doing spirit’s work whether I am healing or doing readings or doing life coaching. For me to continue to do spirit’s work, I need to have some compensation, an income, some way to help keep a roof over our heads. That is one of the things I ask for. I am told it is only fair.

So, here is the agreement I made (and I can change it or add to it at any time).

Intention Agreement
Brian Dean and the Spirit World
June 21, 2012

Regarding the development and use of my psychic / Mediumship skills, my intentions are...

  • To help people
  • To give readings that affect people’s lives in a big way and for the greatest good
  • To truly own the what mediumship can do
  • To be guided in all things (massage, energy work, readings, etc.) so that I give what is appropriate for the greatest good
  • To truly own the feeling of healing
  • To get out of my own way so that I get the information and relay it properly
  • To do my best work always in an honest, moral, and ethical manner

To accomplish this, I request from the Spirit World the following...

  • That you bring no evil into our relationship
  • That you bring the most high quality, well meaning, loving spirit workers
  • That you come to me where appropriate and how appropriate
  • That spirit workers be honest in all things
  • Show me that I can trust you by giving me good, solid information
  • You give me that which works for the highest, best, and greatest good
  • That you put love in my voice
  • Never give me a problem without giving me a solution
  • Send me the people that will benefit from this way of working.
  • Send me enough people so that I can start having an income from this business so I can help support our household and thus justify doing this.