March 4, 2012

Yesterday was a very interesting seminar with Jan Marshall, a medium from the Arthur Findlay school in England. The seminar titled "the healing code", was more about allowing spirit to help do healing rather than doing actual readings. Some of the things that happened were quite interesting.

In one session, were broken into groups of three with one person to do healing work on one of the others, and the third person to observe the energies as they happened. Jim had told us what we were going to be doing and how it was all going to take place, but as she was doing this I was picking up information. Jan told us that we would stand behind the person receiving healing and let spirit give us a pin number basically. Now even though we had not gotten up and Jan was just describing what was going to happen, I heard a number in my head.

So, as it was time to begin, I stood up and stood behind my subject and let spirit in, and let the energies go into to the person I was doing healing for. In my mind's eye, I saw myself coming up to a doorway with a keypad on it. I punched in the three digit code I had received earlier in the door opened and I flowed down a tunnel. A long list tunnel I encountered several more doors which open with the entry of this three digit code again. The last door however wanted something more. I open myself up and was given another four digits to add to the three I'd already been using. When those were punched in, this last door opened and energy just flowed into my subject. It was very neat. I specifically stayed away from Reiki and any other energy that I knew I could channel. I just let the energy that wanted to come from spirit go through me into the person I had my hands on.

When we were done, and I got to talk to my subject and tell her what I saw, her eyes just went wide. The three digit code I came up with was her birthday, month and day. It was also part of the alarm code to her house. Apparently what they do is give each person the same three digit code for the house but append a single digit different to the beginning so one person's would be one, and the next person's would be two, and so forth. I would say that I did not know where this information came from, but obviously they do know where it came from. And that source would be spirit.

My subject told me that there reached a point where she just felt the energy was going in and healing her from her core outward. It was very, very cool.

This was the pattern for the entire day. It was very neat and very unique. The idea being to let spirit do the healing so that one does not have to work that hard.