March 10, 2012

Today's mediumship class was extremely interesting. We did a number of group exercises and several things from the stage, and I did my first reading to a group.

Start of the class involved the attunement of students that were not able to make the previous night's class. Just as we did last night, they each got up on stage one by one, found their proper location, and receive their attunement.

Next, Jan broke us into groups of three. She told us that we are each going to come up with a word, say the word, pause, say the word again, and then pause again, and then say the word a third time. Immediately I heard the word "forgiveness" in my head. She then assigned numbers to each of us, one, two, three. Talking to the number ones, she told them to look at the number twos and say the word that they came up with. The person that was number one in our group, looked at the person that was number two and said "freedom". As I watched her face, I could see the changes each time he spoke the word. First time it was like "oh can I really?" The second time her face showed "I'm not really sure I can." The last time he said the word, her face showed "I think I really can." As I told her what I saw, she told me that that was exactly what she was feeling each time the other person said the word.

Now it was time for the number twos to talk to the number threes. The number two person looked at me and said "confidence". I immediately started laughing. If it is one thing I am lacking, it is confidence. Each time she said word, I just laughed more. That word was right on the money.

Now was my turn to give a word to the number one person. I had thought the word I heard initially might be the appropriate one, and I open myself up to get a feeling of whether that was right or not, and felt that yes, this word was correct. I looked at the number one person and said, "forgiveness". His face reflected at all. This was the word he needed to hear. As I said two more times, it just sank deeper into him.

Now Jan looked across the room and asked if there was any group that felt they needed to go up on stage. One person in the group not far from us raised their hand. I felt that we were meant to be up on the stage at that moment, so I raised my hand. One other person in our group also raised her hand. Jane looked back and forth between the two of us and felt that the energy was stronger with us and told us to go up on the stage.

Slowly, we got information that we passed on to our "audience". Unfortunately, the point I am writing this, I do not remember enough to give as many details here is I want to. I know that we threw out a bunch of information and one person recognized what we had. One key was that each of the words that came to us in our circle of three was relevant to this person and this reading. It was like it was all coming together like pieces of puzzle. It was very cool.

After lunch, we sat in a semi circle around the stage. Jane looked out over the group and called one person to the stage and told them they had five minutes to do a reading. They pulled up quite a bit of information and there was one person in the group that recognized it. This went on for a couple more people, some getting lots of information getting recognized, some not. Then Jan looked at one of the ladies in the room and asked her if she wanted to go up on stage or if I should go up on stage. She of course told Jen that the she didn't want to go up on stage that I should.

As a started walking up to the stage and pulled out my phone and found the timer program that I use when we have mediumship classes in Jacksonville. Marilyn always times me because she says I can give a great five-minute reading in 45 minutes. As I'm setting up my timer Jan asked me what I'm doing and I explained how this is what I use in classes because Marilyn always times me. She told me I'd already wasted two minutes. She had started timing me from the Ensign I had gotten up from my chair. So yes, two of my five minutes were gone.

I immediately saw a gentleman and started describing him. I saw him sitting at a table filling out things, possibly forms, possibly crossword puzzles. Assign going sharpening a pencil with a crank pencil sharpener. I heard the name Robert. I told the group that I was not sure if it was this person's name, or if it was meant for Robert who is sitting in the audience, or it had no meaning at all. And with my hand over the group and had an area of three people that I felt that this person was therefore, the one the middle being Robert. Jane looked at me and said, "Isn't it amazing how much information you can pull through in two minutes."

She asked the group if anyone could recognize this person, and Robert said he thought he could, but needed one piece of information clinch it. I open back up to the spirit that was talking with me, and suddenly I knew. I told Robert that the things he was filling out at the table for contest entries. I got the feeling that he was always filling out contest entries. Robert told me that that was absolutely correct.

That was the first time I had ever done a John Edward type reading. Normally when I do readings it is in a class, and we are paired with somebody to give the reading to. This was the first time I'd ever stood up in front of a group and thrown it out to see who it was for. And the neat thing was, I was right.

After that we were again split into groups of three, and I was paired with Robert and Eden. Jane took us through meditation where we were supposed to ask a spirit to come close and shows us certain things. My mother came through, and everything that Jan asked the spirit to show us where things already knew. But I went way too deep for this meditation.

When Jan brought us out she then again assigned numbers to each person in the group. I got the feeling that person they came to us in the meditation was the person that we were supposed to be bringing through to do a reading that would be for one of the other two people in the group. Since I went to deep and my mother came through, this was not where I was expecting to be.

Eating read for Robert and brought through a relative of his. Robert then did a reading and the person he brought through was for Eden. When it was my turn, I instantly saw a man sitting in the living room with a Victrola in the background. (For those of you that don't know, a Victrola is a crank record player which was the first record player ever invented.) I describe everything I saw, everything I felt, and passed on a message. It was all spot on.

The entire weekend was really interesting. With all the debate about whether or not I wanted to go out of town and spend the money on the motel to go to the seminar, I feel it was well worth it. I got to do a couple things I had never done before like doing mediumship in front of a group. And although it was a group of mediums, and was not like doing a cold reading in front of a group of skeptics, it was still doing the reading front of a group. I was really kind of blown away by how things would come to me before I even had the instructions of what we were going to be doing.

Yes, the Force was strong with me that weekend.