March 31, 2012

Well I have now set another record, I've done a two-hour and five-minute massage.

I have been working on another massage therapist a few times now, and this year have started to do more free-form massage on her rather than standard structured. She loves the style much more than the previous style and usually gets a 90 minute massage. She and her business partner have made a pact to get massage regularly this year so they can stay healthy. It was this partner that came to see me today.

When setting up the appointment, I was telling her about styles and such, and that we would talk about what she is looking for when she got to the studio. She simply told me that she wants exactly what her partner gets because her partner just raise about it. She also said that she wanted a two-hour massage.

Usually I do massage in 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. I did a free-form on a person a few years ago and because she needed more time I ran for about one hour and 50 minutes. Up until today this was the longest massage I had ever given. And it's not because I can't do longer, it simply that in doing standard routines you run out of things to do. Doing free-form, it is a lot easier to do longer times simply because one is guided by the needs of the body one is working on.

So during the two-hour massage was not hard at all. And as usual, I managed to run over about five minutes. The bigger joke is that I did not have a sales item for a two-hour massage in my computer and had to create it.