April 13, 2013

Now, what I got yesterday which I posted here was amazing. What was more amazing was how I got it.

I mean, the crux of the information flowed as it usually does once I have a topic. Spirit simply gets me going and then adds in when I run out of information. But that age.

I knew she was going home, and that she is always sick when she goes or comes back. That told me that there was something important or traumatic (and I used the second word) associated with the place and/or people. For this to continue to hang over her, I knew it had to happen at a fairly young age, yet I describe young to be anything from young childhood to mid to older teenager.

I started seeing numbers in my head starting at one. When I got to seven, it was highlighted with a big yellow circle. I kept going, and it was the only one that was special. I then went backwards to double check even though I know that this is usually a bad idea as when on resamples, one is usually wrong. But the seven was the only one highlighted. So I asked “what traumatic thing happened to you when you were seven years old.

Her first response was to tell me “nothing”. But once she thought about it, she told me she was held back a year in school because they felt her reading skills were not good enough for her to move ahead. (She told me this school system held a lot of people back and it was rumored that they got extra money for everyone they did.) Now, at this time, it does not feel like it was trauma, but to a seven year-old, to be told she had to retake an entire grade, it was horrendous. All the labels in the world land on someone like that, especially stupid, or dummy, or slow (something she certainly is not). So those things hold on a person and affect how they are perceived and how they think of themselves and for themselves. “Oh, it must be me. I’m kinda slow on the uptake.”

But this is something new to me, and I am going to have to remember what I did here to get this information. I may need to do it again sometime.