April 14, 2013

One of my friends has been taking courses in hypnotism. She is trying to broaden her range so she can offer more things to her patients as well as attract more.

A lot of what they have her do is read scripts that have been written for various situations. There are scripts to help people stop smoking, calm, lose weight, basically deal with various things going on in their lives. One of the things that caught my attention was that they were like guided meditations. In fact, if you ask a therapist, hypnotism and meditation are pretty much the same thing.

All the scripts she had took the subject into a trancelike/hypnotic state and then guided them every step of the way. This is like many meditations I have seen. I found them very interesting, yet there were things about how they did what they did that I did not like.

Since I had taken my friend through many meditations, she made a comment that surprised me. She told me that my meditations are better than most of the scripts they had in her study book. Wow. I know that my meditations seem to do what the subject needs, but I had not expected a comment like this. I think that one of the things that works in my meditations is that I don’t guide the subject every inch of the way. I take them to a point and leave them on their own. This allows their subconscious (which is driven by their needs) to control where they go and what they do. Also, more often than not, my meditations are guided by spirit. The words are given to me either directly, or as images.

But it is cool to hear the comment she made.