August 18, 2013

Had a surprise today. I had an impromptu house cleaning for a friend today.

My friend had been telling me about something in her home for a couple weeks now. She had sent me a picture of her back showing a mark that she got when something held her down in the bathtub.

As my wife and I walked in the place, I sampled the energies. They were not still, yet at the same time, she had just gone through some type of trauma that could be affecting the energies.

She told me that others had felt something when they walked up to the bedroom upstairs. So, I slowly walked up the stairs. When I got to the top, I felt very nervous. I looked into the room, but nothing changed. After a minute, I sat down on the floor in the hallway and started running through calming exercises.

I was having trouble getting calm. I wondered if I might be having performance anxiety, but realized that this was not the case. Finally, I got to a point of calm, and was ready to start moving to a point of communication. That’s when I felt like I was being shoved toward the stairs. Something was pushing on my shields on my left.

I firmed my shields, and pushed back. I moved to an area of communication, and I heard “I will not leave her alone.” I then saw a wall being pieced together out of what looked like plastic pieces. I got up (astrally, not physically) and touched the wall. By this point, there was a lot of energy moving through me, and most of it was based on white light. I pressed my hand against the wall, and it melted. I felt I was glowing with energy, so I allowed the energy to spread through the room and the entire upstairs.

After a few moments, it felt much better up there. In fact, it felt calm.

I moved downstairs and looked into the hallway attached to a couple bedrooms. I again felt nervous. So, I settled down and did the same thing until the area felt calm.

When I stood up, I went over to my friend and put my hands on her shoulders. The energy flowed. Part of it was Reiki. Part of it was white light. And part of it was something I can’t describe. I stayed there for a while and then moved away. She felt calmer.

Next, I went to her bedroom which is attached to the bathroom where something pushed her down. Again, the nervousness appeared. I again went through the same process and cleaned both rooms.

Next I took everyone outside and put a shield up around the house. I then went inside and blasted the place with white light and added love and calm (pretty much the same thing I do in the studio every morning).

When my friend and my wife came in, they both noticed that the place felt different. My wife even comment that while she does not get involved with what I do, when I had my hands on my friend’s shoulders, she could feel vibrations some six (or more) feet away.

Well, now it is just a matter of seeing how I did, how long things hold up. If things change, I guess I will be back to try something else.