August 19, 2013

I did a reading for a friend today, and while it was not what I wanted, it was good enough to make her happy.

She told me after it was over that she was thinking that all the people that come through in readings were male, and that she never gets a female. Well today turned out to be different.

I immediately saw a woman with black hair that I described as late 50s, early 60s style that came down and flipped out around the shoulder. I heard a name, but that turned out to be not correct. I talked about her family. I saw her in the kitchen cooking, and chasing young children out. The term that came to mind was “scallywags”.

She showed me an image of her driving around in a convertible (a 1950s style car), but I knew that this was what she wanted, but could not do. She was a mother and loved her family. My friend asked if she wore glasses, and I replied that she was not wearing any in the image I was seeing. My friend believed that it was her fraternal grandmother, and she never wore glasses. At the same time, she never really knew this grandmother other than in stories and pictures. And if I remember correctly, her mother did not get along with this grandmother that much, so the stories were limited.

My friend asked where she was from. I saw a map of the U.S. in the Midwest area (which is where I knew she was from). Then is shifted and I saw eastern Europe. My friend said that she was first generation in this country and that she was from Czechoslovakia.

The message as fairly long. Most of it had to do with getting her to get some alone time so she could get centered. The message was long, and hard to digest for some of it, but it was concise. My friend asked if the relationship she was in was going to last. I was basically told that “Grandma” did not want to get involved in that type of information. What she say was for my friend to take a look at it. Is she getting what she needs from it? Is she compromising too much? Basically, she was told to examine it and see if it was worth staying with.

While I would have liked to be more connected, I did get good information, and pass on good information.