December 1, 2013

Crazy? Maybe. But it works.

If someone had told me that I would be out of my old office and in a new one in a month or so, I would have thought they were crazy. In fact, I would have known they were crazy. Such an idea was so impossible that I could not have believed that it could happen. (And as Yoda said, you can not, because you do not believe.) And if it did, what dump would I be working out of because there was no way I could find a nice place in a good location in such a short amount of time. But then it happened.

I found myself looking at being without a studio. I knew this was coming. I had about two weeks to decide whether to renew my lease for three years (this decision happening while I was in Maryland taking care of my Dad) or be out at the end of October. I decided that if I stayed where I was, I would never grow, something I definitely wanted to do. So, it was time to throw caution to the wind and trust  the universe to make it right.

I looked around and gave up control. I put it out for spirit to make it happen. Now, while that may sound easy, it certainly was not. When you are a control freak, it is not easy to give up control. There is this back and forth motion that continues through the whole process until finally one side wins. If one holds on too much, they actually lose. If one gives in, they win. Sounds oxymoronic, but it is very right.

There were times when I told spirit to find me a place. There were times when I told spirit to get me into this place. There were times when I told the realtor to take the place and shove it, and there were times when I was ready to give up. And then there is now.

After two very long weeks of work, and two longer weeks of sorting, finalizing, and moving forward, it is almost where I need it to be. One room still needs to be painted, but that is not the priority. One room needs to be set up and cleaned up from all the stuff that was put in it until we could find places for it. My office still needs to be put together including the computer and client files. There are still rocks that need to be put somewhere and pictures that need to find spaces on walls. But that is small compared to what has been done already.

As it stands right now, the studio is ready for inspection. The only question is when this will happen, and how long after approval before we can start working. I'm betting on soon. Hear that spirit? Get the inspector out for inspection early next week, have them approve the place, and make it so we can open for regular business no later than December 9th. As an Enterprise captain many times said, "Make it so."