December 2, 2013

In a class last week, one of the students was having trouble with faith, more so believing that she actually had control and could make her desires happen. And she looked at me and told me how amazed she was that I could manifest everything like I did. It was proof that something like that could happen.

And yes, what has happened was manifested. Manifestation comes from wanting something and truly believing it can happen. Of course, along that line, there is one believing and then doubting, and then believing again. To do this one has to have faith that something can happen.

And having faith and holding onto it is not easy as every path has its peaks and valleys. But if one keeps coming back to having faith, coming back to believing, coming back to the positive outcome, anything can be manifested. And when I talk about faith, I mean faith in one's endeavor, faith in the universe, faith in spirit, and most importantly, faith in yourself.

So, through the doubts, through the wants and fears, I have a studio that is one step from being open. And I have faith that this one step will happen soon.

The question is, what do you have faith in, and what can you manifest with it?