February 25, 2013

Last month, I did a ‘pay-it-forward’ after getting pulled out of the felgercarb that I was buried in. There were a tremendous amount of energies working. Over the last month, they have still been there, but they have faded a bit. I asked myself “Why can’t I have that much energy all the time?” The answer was that I can.

Last month, I worked on someone that was going through issues similar to what I was going through. (Ahh, the universe. It sends you the people that have similar problems so you can keep repeating the message that you need.) When I went to do the major chakra cleansing, I was surprised at how much energy there was. Usually, this process takes from at least 10 to 20 minutes. It is a matter of bringing in enough energy to blast clean one chakra at a time. Then I usually align the chakras, a process that takes a couple more minutes.

When I went to do it, there was so much energy in the room that when I focused on it and did the cleanse, each chakra went clear in a matter of seconds, even the really, really blocked ones. Well, I saw that same person today. I was wondering why I couldn’t have that much energy available all the time.

Well, the answer was that this energy was available... all the time. The only thing not allowing it to go through was me. Makes sense. So I sat down for a moment and connected to the energies in the room. I saw myself sitting there and my shields around me, and all the energies around it. And then an idea came to me.

I shrunk my shields until they were down inside me. That allowed me to become one with the energies around me. The difference was that it didn’t feel like I was channeling the energies. It didn’t feel like they were going through me, yet I knew that energy was coming out of my hands. I really felt like the energies in the room were a part of me, or I was a part of them, and I think that makes more sense.

I went to the first chakra, focused the energies, and pop, it was clean. I went to the next and the same thing happened. The harder ones (the ones that usually get blocked the most... heart, emotions, thoughts) took a few seconds longer, but still cleaned extremely fast. It was like pop, pop, pop, and it was done. Aligning them was faster. Wow. My client told me that this time, it felt less like me than any other time. That was a change that I felt was good. If I was simply directing the energies and not channeling them, well that keeps me out of it sompletely.

I think I may have figured out something. I will have to try it some more to see if I can do it consistently. If so, I may have to lower my prices for these as they don’t take as long. Oh well.