July 19, 2013, Part 1

Today started this year’s Stansted in Florida mediumship seminar. Unfortunately, one of the teachers had to go back home to England due to a death in the family. But what was taught was a really new concept, and I really loved it.

The first part of the day, we used our skills to determine a color for parts of people’s lives. For instance, Eamonn said that is childhood was anything but good, so when he looks at colors for that part of his life, it comes up as all shades of brown (yes, brown as in that). But as his life progressed, colors changed as he grew and found his calling.

We then had to do the same things for partners as we were matched up. And then we had to do the same things for someone this partner knew, but was not there. All in all, it was interesting and challenging.

But then, he introduced us to the radio station concept. In Britain, the regular networks are numbered, similar to what we do here with channels. For instance, the BBC television had BBC1, and BBC2, and so forth. They do the same thing with radio stations, and that is what Eamonn compared our next task to, tuning in to different radio stations.

He defined Radio1 as the Physical existence. This is where we stay most of the time, our regular physical environment.

Radio2 he defined as the Intuitive. This is where one feels the people around them, their needs and such.

In Radio3, we move into the Energy. Here, there is a sense of spirits, of others around that are not on the physical plane as we are.

Radio4 then becomes the realm of Interaction. Here, one can communicate with the spirits around us.

The way it works is that one calms like for a meditation, but does not go into the meditative trance. Initially, we feel the Physical, the being here among other physical beings. Then, slowly, we move into the Intuitive and become aware of those physical beings but on a deeper, energetic level. Next, once we are comfortable with where we are, it is tuning to the next radio station and going into the Energy. Here we become aware of other spirits in the room, those standing next to the people we are working with, and those standing next to others. Finally, we move to the Interaction (or Radio4). This is where we ask someone that wants to make contact to step forward.

It is from that point, that we give our reading. It takes some prep time, but truly, there should be prep time. That is one thing I really never did other than calming. I just went with what came to me. this is a deeper level with the ability to get more information.

Read Part 2 for how it worked.