July 21, 2013, Part 2

As to the entire demonstration, it was a rough night.

The first three people had trouble finding people that recognized the evidence they presented. The second person reached a point that she was saying, “well thank you for coming, but...” when Marilyn asked her to get some more information. That was the key to finding whom this person belonged to.

The third person said that before she stood up, she was watching this bus of people come in and all the dead people getting off. But when she got up to work, they had all left. Finally, someone came up, and she was able to do a reading, but even she had trouble.

One lady seemed to work without any issues. It was like she was invited by this spirit to come into her apartment and have a cocktail, and while they were doing that, the spirit gave her all the details.

But somewhere in this group a trend started. We got a visit from one of Dot’s dead relatives, I believe her son. A couple people later and someone else from her family came in. Another medium later yet another one of Dot’s relatives came in.

It was getting to the point that Marilyn had said that Dot’s relatives had to stay away. The next spirit to come through was Al’s grandfather. Al is Dot’s son.

As we were told later, when one goes to a mediumship demonstration, one should invite their ‘dead people’ to come be a part of it, and that is exactly what Dot did.

Then after the demonstration was over, Dot dropped the bomb on us. Remember when I said that the third medium described a bus of people coming in? Dot’s husband used to be a bus driver.