March 1, 2013

I did an interesting healing today where the client and I were really in synch, and I did not know it until after it was over.

My client has been going through a lot of spiritual growth, and she has been feeling stuck in certain areas. When she talked with her guides, she was told that she was crossing this vast chasm on the way to where she needed to be. But while crossing, there was nothing around her, only empty space. She was not able to reach a lot of other things that she would normally be able to. She had to rely on herself.

The last time she was in, I did massage on her, but felt I needed to do one piece of energy work. She told me that she could not feel her lower three chakras, so I did a massive clearing on her heart chakra. Then she was able to feel her lower chakras. I also felt that she needed more energy work, which is what brought her here today.

As I was ready to start, I sat on the floor a moment to attach to the massive energies that were there. As I worked to connect, I saw my client in a tube of light. The tube had nothing but space it. The image was very clear. (It makes sense that if she is crossing a chasm, there would be nothing around. The tube was what she was passing through to get across the chasm.) Her guide was there was standing there telling me that I was not allowed to work on her, that this was her journey. I “talked” with the guide for a moment, trying to get across the need for me to work. I tried to explain that while it may be her journey, she should have the ability to ask for help, and that is still part of her journey.

Something must have clicked as I next found myself inside the tube with my client. I started working. I did a major cleanse on her chakras, and then an alignment. Next I put one hand on her crown chakra, and the other on a different chakra. I stayed there until I knew it was time to move to the next one. Slowly, I moved through all her chakras.

Again, the energy wasn’t flowing through me, but as part of me. I could see my hands glowing. Actually, I was glowing. It was very powerful energy work. Finally, I was done.

I told my client what I had done. Then she told me stuff that amazed me. When she laid on the table, she did some shamanic protections and other things. One of the things she did was to ask her spirit guide (a snake) to wrap her in coils of light. Wow. Those coils of light was that tube of light that I saw, and was working in. So I got invited to work within her protections. Wow. How cool is that.

But the best thing is, is that she was feeling a lot better afterward. That was the coolest part.