May 29, 2013

I had a client the other day that told me I was good, but could not figure out whether it was because of experience or talent. Actually, I like to think it is both. We all have talent, and when we put that talent to proper use, we do wonders. Yet it is experience that improves talent. Experience is that bit of learning we do as we use our talent. And while our talent may be good, we still learn through mistakes we make. Our talent tells us to work in here, but our experience tells us how best to work there as we have tried things that did not work as well as others.

But while I like to think it is a combination of the two that makes one good at what they do, I also like to add a third component, intuition. This is what leads us from place to place telling us where we need to work. Intuition tells us where we need to go. Talent tells us what work we need to do. Experience tells us what will work best there.