October 1, 2013

I am always telling people to have faith, to push forward, to make a leap. Now it is my turn, and guess what... just because I see what other people need, and can confidently tell them that if they get rid of their fear, they will get what they want, well, it is not that easy when doing it for yourself. I can look at myself and know what I need, and know what to do, yet clearing away that fear, that indecision is a lot harder than it looks when I am the one that needs to do it.
For a while now, I have been toying with the idea of looking for another place to run my business out of. I keep wanting a couple more treatment rooms, and a larger room to teach classes in without my students sitting on each other's laps (although that can create really friendly classes). Well, although I wanted this, I never got off my backside and made it happen. Well, spirit decided that it was time for me to do that.

The landlord (the one that bought the building a couple of years ago) decided that they wanted three year contracts with every tenant. (Keep in mind that these are the same people that cost me to lose a number of sessions because of their construction during business hours, or their turning off my electricity, or their not paying the water bill causing it to be shut off.) But even though they have a track record of not caring for their renters, this is not about that.

I felt that if I stayed in this location for another three years, I would never grow. Since the landlord refused to discuss any shorter lease period, I was given 30 days to leave. So I am making that leap of faith hoping it lands me where I want to be, err, uhh, positive now... I am making that leap of faith knowing that spirit will put me where I need to be to create what I need to create.

I am looking for someplace that has a little bit of room at a reasonable cost where I can bring in people of other holistic healing professions and create the Caring Palms Healing Arts Center. That is the plan. How spirit is going to make it happen is still something I don't know yet. But I know they will make it happen.

I have to admit that I am always a person that likes to be safe, that likes to plan everything out and see it unfold as it should. That comes from the computer programmer that I used to be. But life is not always something you can predict, or plan. Sometimes it is something that you just need to go with. It turns you around and makes you jump through hoops that you never would have imagined. It spins you around until you are dizzy enough to let go of the safety that you are clinging to, and brave the storm, allowing the winds to blow you where you need to go.

This is where I am right now, still trying to cling on (or was that Klingon?) to the safety that I have known, and trying to be brave enough to let go and let spirit take me where I need to go. And I know many of you will see this, and in your minds hear Yoda's quote... Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

So, losing my place of practice is not a bad thing. It is the spur that will create the magic that will be the next regeneration of Caring Palms. And it will happen soon.

So, I thank you for coming into the studio and trying some strange style of massage or energy work, or taking classes, and coming back for more. I thank you ahead of time for allowing me into your homes during the transition time to give you the same quality healing experience that you have gotten at the studio, and I thank you for coming to the new location once it is open.