January 11, 2014

Today was day two of the seminar, and today we did some readings. I was surprised at how connected I was.

Eamonn got two groups of three people together. One group went into the other room to practice the connection and do readings for each other. The other group stayed in the main room, and one at a time would get up and do a reading for someone in the class.

My group got to be in the other room first, and I am glad as it helped my confidence a bit. The three of us went into our overflow point and then into the spirit realm where we met with a spirit and gathered information. This spirit then stayed with us for us to do a reading.

One of the other in the group went first. Usually when this happens, I have trouble keeping the connection, but this time that was not a problem. She did her reading, and I did mine. (Usually when we are put into groups like this, someone else seems to be the better medium and ends up being the leader. Today, the seemed to be me, and I was surprised by and pleased that I was given a trusted role.)

My reading was not as detailed as I might have liked it, but the spirit was recognized by the person I was reading for. The message was dead on. Not bad. I was pleased as was the person I was reading for.

A while later, our group was put in front of the class. We went into our place (something Eamonn later called Radio5… see the journal entry here for that meaning). I was the first one to come out so I was up first.

I stood up and gave the information I had been given while in “trance” state. I felt that is was with the left side of the room and apologized to the right side for ignoring them. One of the things Eamonn had us do was to see out of this person’s eyes (the spirit that is), and as I did I could see him working with his hands on machinery, things like a drill press and such. As I passed on the information, and no one recognized it, I stopped for a moment and strengthened my connection. As I did this, I felt those energies surround me again while I was standing there. It actually felt like something I used to do some 10 or more years ago that I referred to as Lightbody. That was amazing.

Finally, I described enough that Eamonn said it was a friend his. I had passed on enough information and described him perfectly. I had the name close, but not right (something hope to improve on). I passed on the message and Eamonn told me he understood it completely.

Later we broke up with partners and did readings. The experience was similar.

So, a very good seminar where I was able to do what I was supposed to do. Maybe I am just beginning to get an idea of what I am supposed to be doing. One thing I know is that I need to be doing meditation regularly so I can get to this level quicker. That becomes the next step.