July 17, 2014

Today started Stansted in Florida, an annual mediumship training program.

The day started with an introduction with guest instructor Eamonn Downey. He told us a lot about him and what we were going to be doing this weekend.

The first class was called Getting in the Power. We were taught new ways of connecting to the energies of spirit. Another word would be ‘attune’ as we were attuning to the energies of spirit. (To attune is to bring into harmony. So we were bringing ourselves into harmony with the energies of spirit. It was the next class that put us into groups to actually work with spirit in doing readings.

I was paired with Beth and Sharon. I was told to go first, so I went into the energies and I connected with this lady. Now, at this time, I felt I that this person was here for Beth, but things didn’t necessarily go that way. I heard Donna, but no one recognized the name. I did what Eamonn told us to do which was to watch the movie of their life. I saw this woman as a toddler, and then in high school. I saw her at home with her husband who smoked a pipe. I knew that he passed before she did, and how that made her feel. I described the typical two story house with the white picket fence.

When I asked how she passed I felt that she had problems with her lungs. The work emphysema popped into my head.

At this point, both the people said it could be for them. I asked for one key piece of evidence that they would recognize. I saw this garden.

I saw scenes of this garden and a young girl. I knew that this spirit like her garden. I saw a dog who knocked over the girl who started crying. The lady comforted her. Yet both people were still saying that it could be for them, even though I still felt I was drawn to Beth. Unfortunately, both ladies were too young to remember this vividly.

I asked for one more piece of information that would be crucial in someone recognizing her. I saw sunflowers. As soon as I said that, Beth said it was for her. Finally.

I then started giving Beth a message. I felt Beth was trying to make a decision. Spirit was telling her that whatever she does, she will succeed at it. Finally, it came down to one phrase which I passed on… Shit or get off the pot. At that point, Beth smiled. She said that this was her grandmother Doris. And that phrase was something she used commonly. And she did pass from emphysema.

Ok. I can take that as a good first start class.