July 18, 2014

Stansted in Florida, day 2.

Today started with one on one readings. I was again paired with Beth. We did readings where we recognized the spirits coming through. And we got important messages for each other.

Next, we did group readings. This is where four people got up in front of the class, and one (the lead medium) connected to the spirit. I also tried to connect to that same spirit, but got someone else instead.

The person next to me was very nervous and worried that she would not do well, so it threw me off a bit. The lead medium started talking about this red-headed lady. He gave some information and then this spirit’s energies were shared with the rest of the group. Each person in turn gave information. I knew this lady was concerned with her looks, “Hon, look this good at this age, you won’t.”

It was a fun reading.

After that, we did trance healing. Beth and I again ended up together. I worked on her first. I did not go quite as deep as I went last year, but I did go deep. The energies just flowed through me like a dam opening. I was under for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Next, Beth did the same for me, and it was awesome being on the receiving end.

The next class was trance. Now trance is something I have always been afraid of. This is where you go out, and someone comes in and has a chat with the person you are sitting with. Last year, I felt I could do this, but having the person who knew what they were doing go first, and then lunch, and then the other person in the group, well, I kind of lost the energies. I did not get the spirit to come through and give up enough control.

The person I was with did a wonderful job, not that I remember it at the time of this writing. I again went through the motions. I saw an image of this person pass me on the way out of my mind, I mean stepping aside, but I could not stay there. I just could not get to that next level.

Maybe one day I will.