June 9, 2014

I did Reiki on a person from New Jersey that had made the appointment a couple weeks ago by phone. Her story was interesting.

She came in and filled out the paperwork. I scanned her and started the session. It was a powerful session with her pulling a lot of energy. When I was done, and asked her how she felt, she told me that she felt great. Then she told me why she booked with me.

She knew she was coming down to visit her sister, and found someone close by. She had bought three sessions with a practitioner in Jersey. During her first session, the therapist turned off all the lights and hovered her hands over my client. She was quiet, but once in a while, she would tell my client things about herself.

My client thought the first session was all right, but weird. The second session really creeped her out. So since she was going to be near a Reiki practitioner, she thought she would see how it compared. What she saw was day and night, or was that night and day, mine being the day. Mine was so open and above board that she was really feeling rested and relaxed. Unfortunately, it made her feel really bad about the person she was seeing in Jersey.

I suggested she find another practitioner.

And another word... my client is standing there getting ready to get on the table. She asks, “Do I need to take anything off?” I looked at her. She was wearing a strapless sundress that started below her shoulders and ended at high thigh. I said, “Your shoes.” If I had been a different person. And thankfully, I’m not.