March 16, 2014

A Path Through the Woods

What path are you on? Is it the right path to the destination you want? Or is it curvy because you are not sure which way to go? Is it headed to a dead end because of bad decisions? How do you get on the right path? How do you find the right way to your desired destination?

Something happened today in a class where I got the message that I am on my right path and that this path was clearly defined by a road through rows of trees, truly a path through the woods. This is what got me talking about paths. Now paths are something that I talk about frequently, as we all seem to need guidance now and then. We all need to be shown the way through difficult situations.

But I also heard from a friend this week that I have not heard from in a long time. She had been avoiding people until she had figured out what she was doing, and where she is going. In the end, she decided to let a lot of people out of her life, and to keep a few based on their beliefs and feelings. Basically, she cut loose everyone that was negative, or did not see things the way she did. She got rid of everyone that would hold her back. But she kept everyone that was a positive influence for her, or people that were open to what she felt she needed to do. Thankfully, I am one of the people she decided to keep.

But one has to ask, how she decided what she needed to do. Well, first she had to ask what she truly wanted. And I'm not talking about what to have for dinner. She needed to decide what she truly wanted for her life. And we're not talking about daydream wants (although it is possible to manifest those too), but something more attuned to what she thought is within the realm of possibility.

The big key here was to ask what truly resonated with her, what did she feel in her soul was right for her. Once she had done that, she had her destination, and therefore, she had her path. Now along this path there are more decisions to make. In her case, it had to do with which people to keep with her, and which ones to leave behind. Which ones would support and help guide her, and which would drag her back down.

What path are you on? Is it going to get you where you want to be? Do you truly know where you want to be? To create this path, you need to first know where you want to go, what you want to be doing. I am not talking about deciding on a career that looks cool and then changing your mind 90% of the way through your education for this. You have to know it on such a deep level that it resonates down deep within you.

This is what drove me to go to massage school, and to learn many modes of energy work. This way of helping people resonated deep within me to the point that I knew it was what I wanted to do. I gave up on programming computers, which was something I liked, something that got me to the right place so I could learn other, more esoteric stuff.

So while I know my path, my path changes and grows, and I have to change and grow with it. I still know what I want to be, and be doing, but as I keep moving forward, little adjustments (more refinements) are made. The path remains, but it gets clearer the further along it I move.

So my path takes me through the woods, a path through the trees. I was told that this path was written in the trees. I commented that when you tell someone that something is written, it is usually written in the stars. Seeing as I really would like to be commanding starships, the stars made more sense. But then it came to me. My path is written in the trees because I have to stay grounded while traversing it.

So, what path are you on?