May 29, 2014

We almost had a knock down drag out in mediumship class today, because someone didn’t understand what they were being told. I ended up being the peacemaker.

One of the students has had this ‘thing’ following her around and bothering her. Marilyn told her to tell it to go away. Her response was, “I have, many times. And it doesn’t listen. It keeps coming back.” To which Marilyn told her to do it again and mean it. Of course the student’s response was to say that she does, and it is driving her crazy.

This went back and forth for a while, and the student was starting to get mad. Marilyn couldn’t find the word to make the student understand what she meant, and the student was taking everything she was told very badly. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.

In my softest voice I started to speak. I told the student that what Marilyn was trying to say was that the student had a wealth of strength and energy that she did not realize that she had. If she put the force of that strength behind her, and truly believed in what she was doing, and was committed in what she told this ‘thing’, it would have to do what it was told. The force of her energy and the desire backing it up would be like solid steel. This would be the force that would get rid of it.

However if doubted what she could do, if she was non-committal or namby-pamby, then she would have not force or strength. It is the difference between, “I want you to leave and never come back NOW.” and, “Would you please go away?” One asks a question. The other is a command with force behind it. Yes, use the force, Luke.

Ok, so my titles get longer... massage therapist, energy worker, healer, psychic medium, and now psychic translator. Life just gets weirder. I love it.