November 3, 2014

There are people that are egotistical, and there are many that can not stand them. Those that have large egos go about letting others know how good, or how important they are. This makes most of us believe that ego is a bad thing, especially in large doses. The rest tend to bury their egos. They understand their importance, or lack thereof. They understand that the universe does not revolve around them, and that they are only a piece of what is going on at all times. These people tend to remove their egos from most things that they do. With healers who work with outside energies, they know this to be true as it is the energy being utilized that is responsible for the magic that happens.

But, believe it or not, the ego is important, and necessary. At the same time, I will note that anything in large quantities is a bad thing, even ice cream. But a certain amount of ego is necessary for us.

Ego is a strength, a desire, a push to be better than we are. With some people, it can get out of control and cause them to start believing that they are responsible for every amazing thing that happens where in truth, these amazing things come from outside. We are only the facilitators of those outside forces.

But ego is the force that makes us want to improve, to be better than we are. It helps us believe that something is possible and that we can make a difference. It feeds us the energy we need to start a project. When we combine that with belief and faith, self-determination and desire, it is the first affirmation of confidence in ourselves that gets us going to accomplish what we set out to do.

With healers, especially those that bring in an outside forces (like Reiki), we know that we allow the energy in to do whatever it needs to do. And that it is the energy that actually does the work needed. We healers kick any egos to the curb because we just sat there and allowed the energy to do the work. But in truth, without the healer there to facilitate, nothing would happen. So there has to be some ego there if for nothing more than to know we helped.

But where the ego is needed most with healers is to spur us into motion, to get us to go up to someone and say, "Can I help?" Without that, we would simply sit by and watch what happens. That piece of ego is what gives us the confidence to offer whatever it is we have to offer. So to that end, it is necessary.

So, while too much ego is a bad thing, ego itself, (kept in moderation), is a good thing. It is the first connection of belief in ourselves to offer to help someone else.