September 17, 2014

I am still amazed at the power of Reiki. I went out last night after 9pm to do a Reiki session on a dog. The person that has this dog is a client and student. The dog, Deuce is a big 13 year old, lovable pup.

As I got there, I was greeted by his ‘sister’, Bella. She accepted me immediately. I was able to hug her and talk with her. Deuce was laying in the family room waiting for me. He was having trouble breathing, and was coughing. I kept flashing back to my last night with my golden retriever, Bebe. This is what she was doing.

The emergency vet had x-rayed Deuce and said that he had cancer of the lungs. I laid on the floor with him for the better part of an hour doing Reiki. He stayed with me and took in all the energy I could pass to him. At one point, I felt that was all he wanted. I told his Mom that he might heal the body, or he might move on, and he had enough energy to do that if he wanted. (What the Reiki does is up to the soul of the individual receiving the energy, sort of like a gatekeeper. It will use it to heal the body, not allow it at all, or use it as a conveyance to pass from the body to the other side.) Deuce had been coughing most of the time I was working on him. Even without being told the condition, I knew it centered around his lungs. And with the diagnosis of cancer, I wasn't sure how long he would last. I wasn't sure if he would make it through the night.

Unfortunately, this reminded me of a time three years ago when my golden retriever, Bebe had cancer. In a couple of days, the cancer moved up her spine very quickly. Her last night at home was spent with both of us laying on the floor all night as I gave her whatever energy she needed while she coughed most of the night. This was what I was thinking as I worked on Deuce as he sounded just like she had.

This afternoon, I got an email telling me of Deuce's condition. Apparently, the emergency vet called and said that they read the x-rays wrong. Deuce has pneumonia, not cancer. Well that was promising. But then it went into his condition. That morning, he seemed better, like his old self. He was up and active, and seemed well. Amazing. I have to attribute it to the Reiki. No matter how long I use this energy, I doubt I will stop being amazed at what it can do.