April 17, 2015

Today, I had another person in need of massive energy work. She is a friend of the person I worked on ten days ago, and also does a lot of shadow work.

She also has been having problems for years with dark energy, and every time she decides to try something, she ends up deeper in the hole. This is also a person I have seen before to do Reiki on. Because she is a friend of the other person, and what I did worked on her, she decided to come see me to have the same process done. Her first comment was that she didn’t care if she had to undress if it got rid of her problems. 

When I looked at her, I could see a major black hole at her heart, and the bottom three chakras really blocked. I also saw something dark hiding in her left leg, something in her center, and something dark attached to the back of her head on the right near her neck.

I again started with the chakras until they were all cleansed and lit and turning in the correct direction. This was a bit harder than normal as she seemed to have some communication issue that kept her throat chakra from staying lit. I just kept at it until it held. Then I started filling her with white light. 

I filled her right leg, and went to her left. As I filled it, the thing that was there moved out of it, but part of it stayed in a bubble. I pulled it out and threw it away. The idea behind this is to herd the thing to one place and trap it. As it gets surrounded by light, it runs out of places to go. I then filled each arm and the area from one shoulder to the other. This cut off the thing in her head from getting anywhere, and restricted the other to her midsection. Slowly, I started narrowing the space until it was trapped in one area. Then it was a matter of pulling it out and throwing it away. I also saw where these two things left some seeds in her, so I gathered them up and got rid of them as well. Next I moved to the head.

I filled her neck, and started filling her head moving across from the left side to the right (where the thing was). As I did, I could see tentacles coming unattached from her brain, slowly, one by one. This thing (whatever it was) tried sticking one of those tentacles in my direction, but my shields blocked it as I expected them to. Finally, I had it all out of her and in a cocoon of white light. It also went out through the ground. 

Next we went through the cord cutting process. She stood while I shielded her and went through a very extensive burning session. Some cords were well ingrained and did not burn through quickly. Finally they were all cut, so I energetically brushed away all the nubs from the cauterized cords. 

I had her do her shielding, and then removed mine. She was amazed how good she felt afterwards. 

Cool. Now to see how she progresses. I told her no shadow work for a bit.