April 22, 2015

The world is going through a lot of problems. We have spiritual and economic crises going. Then adding to that we have inequality in income, abilities, and what we can get out of this life. Then if things weren't bad enough, we add to that hate groups, the dumbing down of people, and greedy rich people and the politicians they pay off. It makes it seem like there is nothing that we can do other than lay down and die. But the change is coming.

Philosophically, things need to be bad for them to turn around to be good. Things need to get to the point that they can't get any worse before they can only get better.

From a realism point, things need to get to the point that they are intolerable to the masses, for them to rise up and force change. This happened when the taxation and rules enforced by the British caused the people in the 13 colonies to fight back. We also see this happening in other countries where the people rise up to overthrow corrupt governments.

It seems when things become so intolerable to people, they rise up and assert control, oft times violently. But change does not have to be violent.

In the 60s and 70s, people held non-violent protests. They simply sat, making the police carry them from their places. But with today's media, it is possible to get an idea out to lots of people and have them grab onto it and force change. But that change has to come from within. It starts with an idea, and then it catches energy, and that energy grows until it is so strong that nothing else can stop it.

We lightworkers like to think that we have this beacon of light within us, and that we can let it spread from person to person. We do this by helping others, taking them from pain, pointing them in a new direction, introducing new thought patterns, new ideas. Once someone feels better, their outlook is brighter. And through that outlook, they affect others positively.

But everyone has light within them. Sometimes the darkness outside is so powerful that it seems to overshadow that light. But it can never extinguish it.

So how do we navigate through the darkness that seems to be all around us? Well, for one thing, we have to remember that if there is light, there can not be darkness. If you go into a dark room and turn on a flashlight, then the darkness is gone, replaced by light. As long as we remember that we have light within ourselves, we can never be lost in the dark. So how do we do that you ask... positive believing.

We look around and see all the negative stuff going on, but we don't take it into ourselves. Yes, we see it. Yes, we understand it. But the moment we let it overcome us and let it dominate us is the moment we give in to the darkness. The idea is to see it, and acknowledge it, but not let it overcome us, to know it exists, but not bring it in and make it our own. (Healers use the same technique when helping others. We feel and sense their emotions, and listen to their problems, but we don't make those problems our own. We know them and understand them, and that makes it easier to know what to tell people to help them.)

The same is true for world situations. We see them, and understand them, so we know how to help if we have the opportunity. But being positive about it can be the only thing we can do, but that is not nothing. Being positive, believing that good will come from it, or that good will eventually triumph creates energy to make that happen. And when one person's energy gets combined with another person's, the balance of energy starts to shift from dark to light. And that shift can be peaceful.

Yes, it is an energy thing. Yes, it takes time. But the vision of it happening can grow to the point that it manifests into change. One just has to believe that it will change, and things will become better for that energy to grow. And eventually, things will change for the better.

So what can we do as people to make this happen? We need to believe, and in believing, we need to continue to believe no matter what. We need to let that light within each of us shine brightly. Doing this will attract others that will also shine. And when we have enough light together, there can be no darkness.

We need to be a beacon of light shining through the dark.