December 15, 2015

Fluid Meditation

Breathe deeply. Allow each breath the time to fill your lungs, and then to exit them. Breathe in life sustaining oxygen, and exhale life giving carbon dioxide. Breathe in positive energies and exhale negativity, fear, worry. Breathe in wholeness and goodness, and just let go of the things you don't need.

Once in a calmer state, visualize a calm lake. See the stillness of the surface of the water, but know that while that stillness exists, something is moving under the surface, interacting with other somethings, keeping the balance. Make your mind mirror that lake. See it as smooth and still as the surface, but know that there are small imperceptible things moving beneath keeping that stillness, things that are not noticeable, but are working just the same.

Look at the surface, how it lies there, smooth as glass. Now, drop a pebble into that lake. See the ripples that come from that one motion. See how they spread out, and bounce back, how they interact with each other, how they pass through each other. With each ripple, there is a reverse ripple, and then another reverse ripple. Notice how they interact with each other, how they move and flow, and blend, until there is just movement, a dance if you will. For every step, there is a counter step, every counter step, a step. Each step, each ripple bounces and blends until there is just one.

Allow your mind to see how everything moves, and again, let it mirror what you see. This is water. This is energy. This is life. See the energies around you, feel them. Blend with them, ride their flow and ebb. See how to move to blend rather than push. Ride smoothly, movement, countermovement. As you come back out of your meditative state, bring this pattern with you. Apply it to the things around you. Remember moves, and counter moves, step and counter step, each blending into the dance. Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, then let it out, and enjoy the dance.