January 3, 2015

Since we are talking about the new year, and leaving the old and bringing in the new, we should focus on bringing in what is good for you, and leaving behind what is not. And this could mean situations, people, or groups.

One of the key things to growth is learning, or realizing who you are, and being that person. How many of us truly are ourselves? I am sure most will say they are. But do you find that you act differently when you are alone than you do when others are around? Why is that? Is it because they won't accept you as you are when you are alone? When you are alone, do you feel free to let loose your real self? These are the questions we ask to understand what and who we are, and how we change with different people around.

We all have a private side, usually only reserved for ourselves. This is the most real us. Then we have the real us that we show to the people we trust most. As we keep adding more people to the mix, the less we start acting like our true selves. But why is that? Is it because we are afraid that these people really can't accept us as we truly are? The answer is probably yes.

A while ago, I realized that I got tired of being a dozen different forms of 'me'. And there are many different sides of 'me'. There's the 'me' that teaches, the 'me' that cares, the 'me' that heals (and many times you will get a mix of all of these at once). You will also find the happy 'me' and the sad 'me', along with the witty 'me' and the dumbfounded 'me'. But they are all truly 'me'. And the people that stay around me like me for who I am, not what I pretend to be.

You see, I do strange things. I play with energies. And I don't have a problem telling people that. I also don't have a problem if some of them think I am a fruitcake. But some of them understand, and even if they don't understand, they still accept me as I am. Those are the people and groups of people I hang around with.

One of the mediumship students once told me that she was really amazed that I put myself out there like I do. I don't hold back. Everything I am and everything I do is me. You see she was afraid that if she told people she was a medium, they would not be her friends anymore because that was too weird. My thinking is that if my friends can not accept me as I am, then maybe they are not truly my friends. And this is where we start talking about moving on.

Sometimes to truly be yourself, you need to surround yourself with those that accept you. And if the people around you do not accept you, then maybe is it time to find new people to be with. This could be friends, or organizations, or even lovers. The latter is the most important. Yes, we all change some to be close to the people that are most important to us, our partners. We compromise in what we do to share a life together. But we do that with those that we can be ourselves with.

So, as we approach this new year, we think about letting go of things, and moving forward. The key here is that we let go of the things that hold us back whether they be jobs, situations, or people. As we move forward, we want to draw people and situations to us that will allow us to be ourselves in every way.

Sometimes it is painful letting go of things, but in the end we find that there is less pain than there is if we try to hold on to them. So, this is the hope I have for everyone as we move into the next year. I hope that each of us can let go of the things that we do not need, the things that are not good for us, the things that hold us back, and draw to us the things that are beneficial and help us grow into our potential. So, take that next step, and step into hope.