January 28, 2015

What is it with all this touchy-feely stuff today. I mean it is to the point that you can’t tell anyone anything. It is also to the point that you can’t get straight forward information.

Yesterday, I had my cat put down. It was done by the second vet that was in the office that day instead of the regular one. After I had hugged her and told her I loved her, and to come let me know that she was ok, the vet came in and gave her the sedative that ended her life. 

I was holding her the whole time. I was petting her as they gave her the injection, and continued to do so as they monitored her heart. After a moment, the vet tells me, “She’s sleeping.” 

Ok, so I figured I would pet her until she was gone. But then I thought… she’s sleeping? I looked at the doctor and asked, “Is she sleeping, or is she gone?” He replied that she was gone. Well, why the hell didn’t he just say that instead of confusing me?

She’s sleeping? She wasn’t sleeping. Why tell me such a thing? Well, because that is what veterinarian schools teach… to be gentle with the clients. Don’t tell them anything that will upset them. Don’t tell them the truth. Tell them something that will make them feel good. But how do you make them feel good when they have just put their beloved pet down? 

We as people have gotten way too sensitive. We react too much to anything said. We have stopped looking at the meaning behind it, and just gotten outraged at the words. It is like telling someone, “You look nice today” and having them respond with, “And what did you mean by that?”

Take a chill pill people! And for those of us that want the truth instead of some lame half-truth, it is getting harder all the time to figure out what we are being told. 

I am a person that likes truth. I tell the truth. My world is not made of lies, and I don’t lie. The truth is such an easier thing to tell. Why can’t I get that in return? 

Please, tell the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. But it is better than telling a comforting half-truth/lie so you don’t upset someone. At least we can learn to deal with the truth even if it is painful. 

“She’s sleeping?” Really? Felgercarb!