July 5, 2015

How often in our lives do we find ourselves at a precipice, wondering whether to stand our ground, or go over the edge? I think all too often. How many more people are living this feeling day to day? How many are constantly one step from going over the edge?

We all get pushed there now and then by circumstances, people, or our own feelings. What things drive us there? Well, that could be employment related, or related to personal interactions, or simply our own feeling of inadequacy.

That last one is always the hardest one to get through, that feeling of never being good enough. And the problem with that is that we know deep down inside that we can do this something that we want to do. And deep down inside, we know that we can do anything. But then there is the "us" that over-thinks, that analyzes every situation to make sure that everything is covered. In that process, we may find we missed some small thing, and that causes us to doubt everything we have done to date, even if it is absolutely correct. This is where the mind interferes with what the heart wants.

The heart draws us to do something (or want to do something), and the mind comes up with every reason why it will not work. That is when we drive ourselves to self-doubt and fear. That is the point that we need to take three steps back, to find that point of balance between mind and heart, to move back from the edge we are about to throw ourselves over.

Yes, take three steps, three steps back from the edge. Three steps is a safe distance. It is far enough away from that point where you are about to topple over. Far enough away to find a place to balance. Then once you are balanced, you can look at things in proper perspective. You can remember some basic concepts, like who you really are, and what you can really do. And you can have faith in those concepts.

The first part of faith is having faith in yourself. When you look at it from a point of balance, you realize that you had this idea because it was a good idea. And because you had that idea, you knew you had the ability to carry it out. You knew you had the strength to do it. So why have you brought doubt into the equation? Why are you suddenly drawn into this spiral of self-denial to the point that you are not only doubting your idea, but your abilities as a person?

Take three steps back from that edge, and look at what you truly are. Look at the tower of strength you know you are. Have that faith in yourself and build strength with mantras like "I am, I can, and I do", or "I have the power." Go back to the point where you believe in yourself because you are worthy of that belief, not only from yourself, but from others. Yes, others believe in you. They have faith in you. So, why not have faith in yourself?

When you reach that edge, and feel you are ready to go over, take three steps back. Find your center. It is there. Then, turn around, and take three steps forward, further away from that edge. Then take another three steps and another until you are simply walking away, walking away with strength, walking into the light.