March 2, 2015

Forever we have heard this phrase, "Seeing can be deceiving." It says that even though, we are looking at something, and it seems concrete and irrefutable, it may not be what we think it is. Of course, this seems to contradict the other adage, "Seeing is believing."

The second takes upon a theory where we hear something, and take it as truth. But just because we are told something, it does not make it whole, or factual. To believe something, we should go look at it, to "see it", to investigate it. And only then can we be sure that here with the evidence before us can we accept the validity. But can we?

We live in a world of fakes and imitations. "It looks like the real thing", but isn't quite that. We shop at the grocery and see imitation crab meat made from whitefish (which some restaurants use and call crab meat). We see deals that look too good to be true, and guess what? They are. And don't get me started on politicians. We live in a world where special effects can be made to look so real, we can't be sure if they are or not. (I remember when the Challenger exploded seconds after lift-off and thinking it looks just like the special effects in a movie, and probably not as good.)

So, even though we see these things, and they look real good, they might not be. So while we think that seeing is believing, it actually can be deceiving. When we start questioning what we see as real or not, we have to rely on other senses. We have to rely on intuition, and mostly on ourselves.

Intuition looks at the energy information that we receive through our 'third eye' in the center of our forehead, and then presents itself in such a way, that we wonder about something. In other words, we get vibes about something, good or bad. And based on those vibes, we make decisions. We do this all the time... when we meet someone, when we choose where to eat, when we walk into a business and decide if this place is right for us or not.

Of course, to do that, to rely on our intuition, we need to trust ourselves. We need to trust that inner voice that we hear in our ear telling us to beware of something, or that this is just perfect for us. To do that, we need to turn off our mind, and not overthink something. Unfortunately, what we too often do is overthink. We reason ourselves away from what is right by convincing ourselves that there is no logic to the feeling we are having that is telling us something different. But that feeling is the true guide. And the more we trust in ourselves, the more we will make the right decisions even though logic and reason argue differently.

So, while seeing is believing, the more we trust ourselves and those little voices in our ear, the more we will recognize that seeing can be deceiving. The key is trust. And that trust must be in something that we should trust above all other things, ourselves. So, where does your trust lie?